Vinnie Hacker and Noah Beck reveal the worst things their haters have done

Virginia Glaze
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TikTok stars Vinnie Hacker and Noah Beck are no stranger to the ups and downs of internet stardom — but their career path isn’t always full of sunshine and roses, as the pair revealed in a recent video.

These days, almost everyone is on social media in some way, shape or form. As such, a slew of popular personalities have risen on such platforms as YouTube, Twitch and TikTok, making for a new era of celebrities amidst the classic A-listers — but sometimes, their fans and haters can take things to extreme lengths.

Many influencers have spoken out about the shocking breaches of privacy they experience on a regular basis, with names like PewDiePie and David Dobrik claiming that fans have shown up to their homes on multiple occasions uninvited.

However, it’s not just overly-obsessed fans that content creators have to worry about; haters are just as dangerous, as Vinnie Hacker and Noah Beck — two of TikTok’s most popular male personalities — have revealed.


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In a March 7 episode of ‘Beckseat Driver,’ an interview series where Beck invites a TikTok-famous personality into his car and asks them questions about their life, the two got to talking about the wildest things their haters have done.

Vinnie Hacker responded by revealing that one of his haters actually showed up to his parents’ house after apparently being disgruntled by the way he expressed himself online.

“You know somebody showed up to my house?” he said. “My parents’ house? Dude, that made me so mad!”

That’s not all; both Vinnie and Noah admitted that their phone numbers had also been leaked by angry critics, with one leaker even threatening Noah’s family.

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“I’ve had a random number send me a picture of my house that you can’t get from Google images — it was a weird angle of my house from back home. And he was like, ‘Better hide your sisters.’”

The duo also revealed that haters have “made up” lies about them quite often, as well, with both seeming exhausted at the lengths their critics will go to out of pure spite. While they might be incredibly wealthy and famous, its important for everyone to remember that influencers are people, too — not just a fabricated presence behind a smartphone screen.