Tyler1 Responds to Dr DisRespect’s Advice “Why Would Your Opinion Matter to Me?”


Tyler1 has heard the streaming advice directed at him from Dr DisRespect, but doesn’t plan on following it anytime soon.

The two are some of the most popular, and controversial, streamers on Twitch.

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While responding to a fan who asked about Tyler1 on stream, Dr DisRespect gave an uncharastically positive response.

“I like Tyler1. I think he should be playing multiple types of games. I think he should be more in the shooter realm as well, like the old school H1Z1 days. Proximity chat, that’s what he needs.”

The advice would fall on deaf ears as Tyler1 responded to Doc on stream.

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Doc is apparently not the first to suggest Tyler1, who is a hardcore League of Legends streamer, try a new game.

“Oh I saw what Doc said too… Everybody says the same thing. ‘Oh Tyler was better when [mumbles]’ Shut the f**k up dude! I’ve been back for 7 months! Have I switched games? No. Why would your opinion matter to me.”

Tyler1 was banned from playing League of Legends by Riot games in 2016 after various incidents involving toxic behavior.

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He was given a second chance in January of 2018 however, when Riot gave him a month to prove he had changed. Tyler1 passed Riot’s test and was allowed to play League again.

Given his response to Doc’s advice about switching things up, it is safe to say he plans to keep playing League of Legends on his stream.