Tyler1 Explains Why He Won’t Be Hanging Out with Fellow Controversial Streamer ICE_POSEIDON

Calum Patterson

As two of the most popular live streamers, Tyler1 and ICE_POSEIDON are both known for being somewhat controversial, and some may expect the pair to be perfect partners for a duo stream.

Both Tyler1 and ICE_POSEIDON have served bans from Amazon owned platform Twitch for previous transgressions, with the latter now permanently streaming on YouTube after Twitch banned him indefinitely.

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Tyler1 recently returned to Twitch following his lengthy ban, and has become noticeably more calm compared to his previous pre-ban self.

ICE_POSEIDON has even recently been told his voice is not permitted to be heard on any Twitch channel, after he attempted to compete in KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite tournament, and his teammate (who was streaming on Twitch) was instructed to mute ICE’s voice.

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Some have labelled Tyler1 and ICE_POSEIDON the ‘provocateurs’ of Twitch and YouTube, calling them “notoriously toxic”.

When asked if he would join ICE_POSEIDON during one of his infamous ‘IRL’ (In Real Life) streams, Tyler1 explained in no uncertain terms why that is very unlikely.

“ICE said he want to hang out? Yeah… – ICE is fine.

But, the other autistic people – and I’m all for being completely fucking autistic – but being absolutely barbarian autistic, with eight other people – ahh, I don’t know about that.”

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It sounds like the duo fans have been waiting for is not on the cards then, at least not for an officially arranged occasion.

The pair have previously appeared on stream together as both were present at TwitchCon in 2017, although this was merely a chance meeting.