Tyler1’s Crab Dance celebration after League of Legends win is scarily accurate

. 3 years ago

Popular League of Legends win in one of the most hilarious ways possible, by trying to replicate the Crab Rave meme.

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Tyler1, or T1 to his loyal viewers, is right up there with the most popular channels on Twitch as he dominates the League of Legends category on his own, with his brilliant trash talk and even funnier interactions with his chat.

Fans of the streamer are used to seeing him celebrate in fanatical fashion whenever he picks up a victory. But, during his May 8 stream, he took things to the next level by trying to bring the classic dance meme to life.

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Riot Games
Tyler1 was banned by Riot Games but has become a star in the LoL community.

Tyler1 pulls off the Crab Rave

T1 secured another win in League of Legends and wanted to celebrate after taking his rival Jungle player to task. While he dug up the popular Crab Rave song, he swapped it for the ‘Better Jungle Wins’ version that had been sent to him. 

After realizing that his enemy player had left the post-game lobby before he had the chance to deliver some hysterical trash talk, Tyler jumped up and immediately started trying to replicate the Crab Dance to his viewers as the song played over the top of his stream.

“Best Jungle wins, right blue!” Tyler1 screamed at his screen, before carrying with the dance for a few moments. T1 didn’t follow through with a full-length routine, opting instead to sit down and finish his celebrations there – adding another name to his ever-growing list of defeated Jungle players as he caught his breath. 

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While he might not have been able to match the moves with perfect synchronization, the streamer tried his utmost to become one with the crab rave in a bid to entertain his fans. 

Regardless of his less-than-perfect skills, viewers clearly would have fun either way as they got yet another highlight clip from a Tyler1 stream. And, who knows, maybe he’ll revisit the footage and work on his moves in a bid to make things better for the next time he decides to bust the celebration out.

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