Twitter influencer Luulubuu apologizes after scamming accusations

Sam Comrie

Twitter influencer Luulubuu has issued an apology, following allegations of scamming and gaslighting. The apology comes after content creator Liam Robertson compiled claims against Luulubuu, which include “scamming” and “emotionally abusive behavior.”

Luulubuu, a social media influencer and former community manager, has come under fire for numerous allegations of scamming. The allegations were raised prominently originally from Liam Robertson, a gaming content creator.

Luulubuu has now issued a formal apology to the claims detailed by Robertson.

Aggro Crab
Aggro Crab
The influencer recently parted ways with indie developer Aggro Crab.

Luulubuu accusations

Accusations made against Luulbuu include allegations of manipulation, “gaslighting” and scamming other users out of money.

It is claimed that paid art commissions were not fulfilled by Luulubuu, with multiple accusations of Luulubuu failing to complete art commissions, despite receiving payment.

Additionally, Luulubuu was accused of causing issues for numerous members of a private Discord server, sending messages from ‘fake’ accounts within the server that apparently caused tension between users.

These claims were echoed by other users across social media. On August 23, Aggro Crab released Luulubuu from a community manager role.  

Luulubuu apologizes

At the time of writing, Luulubuu has currently deactivated their Twitter account. However, their apology letter still remains available to view in full

“First of all I want you if you were hurt for my actions directly or indirectly, I apologize to you,” Luulubuu began. “You are probably aware that there have been threads narrating things I have said that are not good at all. I want to address these and then just apologize because I’m not here to prove any other party wrong. If they are affected and hurt then I have to apologize.”

While the former creator has addressed their actions, more information from Liam Robertson still reports that Luulubuu is continuing similar behavior of which they were accused.

In their apology letter, they detail accounts of behavior specific to close friends and peers within the gaming industry, claiming it was due to “jealousy and anger.”