Twitch streamer GaryTheProducer hits back at CodeMiko over “awful” interview

. 9 months ago
Twitch: CodeMiko, garytheproducer

Months after interviewing him, CodeMiko had some stern criticism for Twitch streamer GaryTheProducer — leaving him baffled by her comments about what she described as one of her worst interviews.

CodeMiko is one of the most popular VTubers in the world, and she regularly brings in other top streamers and personalities to interview them for her channel.

Obviously, with so many interviews taking place on her stream, some are bound to go better than others — and some she downright hasn’t enjoyed.

When her chat asked her to rank her worst interviews ever, there was a lot of discussion over her rankings, and GaryTheProducer was surprised to see he came in at number 2.

CodeMiko looking at the camera
Twitch: CodeMiko
CodeMiko is one of the most popular VTubers on the internet.

While he didn’t do enough to claim the number 1 spot in Miko’s worst interviews ever list, the second place definitely left him a bit dumbfounded, as she explained her reasons.

As a small streamer, she said that her viewership dropped as a result of him being on, due to him persistently being rude and trying to steal the show. She even said that he was trying to make it “all about him” and not letting her talk, before Gary asked “Is she joking or she serious?”

After seeing Miko say that he also asked for a raid and to go out for coffee, Gary couldn’t believe what he was hearing, insisting that he was joking. “Do you think I’m serious?” he questioned. “Do you think I want to go out for coffee with an avatar? Why’s she so mad?!”

While the interview was several months prior to this ranking list, it’s clearly something that Miko still remembers and feels strongly about.

Gary seemed perpetually confused as he watched Miko rant about him. “If you didn’t like the interview… It’s so weird, I don’t know,” he said. “How do I lose your viewers? It’s your show. Have control over your show. I think that’s a bit much.”

Needless to say, there’s no love lost between these two streamers, and we shouldn’t expect to see CodeMiko interview GaryTheProducer any time soon.

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