Twitch streamer Erobb mortified after being sent poop from viewer

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Twitch streamer Eric ‘erobb221’ Robbins was left stunned after he discovered a “gift” sent to him during his broadcast was actually human waste. The foul surprise was sent to him by a troll viewer.

Streaming is one of the most interactive forms of entertainment, as viewers can influence their favorite content creator’s experience live during a broadcast.

However, this format is also extremely attractive to devious viewers looking to troll streamers in front of their audience. That is what happened to ‘erobb221’ when he was sent a bag of poop.

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Twitch: @erobb221
The Twitch streamer was sent a heinous gift during his broadcast.

Erobb gets nasty surprise during Twitch stream

The streamer was in the middle of his October 8 broadcast when he decided to open up a package that was sent to his PO box. “It’s like Christmas I am so excited!” he exclaimed.

However, Erobb quickly knew something amiss when he noticed its smell. “It stinks, Brittany!” he told his partner. He then pulled the item out of the packaging and revealed to viewers that it was bag of poop.

He looked closer at the item and read the note attached to the baggy. “You have been pooped on. Want to know by whom? Turn over,” it read. The personality then yelled “They just sent me s**t!!” before wiping his hands on his hoodie.

The Twitch personality sank into his chair and put his hand over his face after holding the disgusting fanmail. His partner told him, “I’m going to the post office and closing the PO box tomorrow!” before scolding the troll who sent it. “We have a baby who could get sick from your dirty poop in a bag!”

Erobb’s viewers continued to tell him to open the item up to see what it smelled like. “I’m not opening this bag, Brittany! I’m not.” Later on, he told his audience that he refused to open the bag because he does not “condone” the prank.

Erobb was not entirely convinced that it was actually poop, and said that it could be “pudding.” However, the streamer was not willing to risk it by opening the baggy to find out.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time a Twitch personality has been sent human waste live. In September, popular German star Jens ‘Knossi‘ Knossalla opened up a similar smelly “gift” in front of viewers.