Twitch streamer close to tears as “life changing” summit1g shoutout smashes sub goal

David Purcell
summit1g and twitch streamer
DiamondJamz / Summit1g

Twitch streamer DiamondJamz goes live regularly on the platform and gone through many of the struggles smaller gamers to by not being able to establish a following, but that all changed after a big shoutout from Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar. 

Summit is known for being quite the variety streamer himself, playing smaller games you might not expect somebody with nearly six million followers to try out, and starting his own trends.

Something else he does, quite regularly as well, is back smaller streamers trying to make their first big break in the industry. It can be tough, as DiamondJamz knows all too well.

After over five years of streaming on Twitch with hardly any subscribers, it was a massive shock on February 4 when the leader of the 1G Squad gave him a shoutout on Twitter.

Summit1g looking at camera
Summit1g, Twitch
Summit has a huge following on Twitch and social media platforms.

Summit1g shoutout makes Twitch streamer’s day

Explaining it was going to be a short while before he was going live himself, summit dropped a very valuable endorsement on his timeline, suggesting people should give Jamz a try.

He tweeted: “I’m gonna a sleep for another hour or so. Chill and watch this guy til then,” linking his Twitch stream directly.

A flood of positive messages proceeded the post, with fans saying: “You made this guys day. Good guy summit,” and “You did an amazing thing sumsum.”

If you wanted to see the effect it had, all you had to do is jump into DiamondJamz’s stream.

As a number of new people subscribed to his channel, he started to break down in front of his new viewers while playing Call of Duty’s new Zombies map, Firebase Z.

“I really appreciate it guys, like seriously. I just cannot believe this is happening, seriously. Summit, bro, I’m making you a mod in my stream homie, thank you so much dude.

“I promise you I won’t take this for granted and this is literally life changing for me bro, like I’ve been streaming on Twitch for almost six years and waiting for my big break to happen. I have a seven year old son bro that I’ve been trying to grind so hard to build a future for him bro, and you just really helped show me not to give up.”

After the huge turnaround for his channel following a nod from summit, DiamondJamz has racked up over 12,000 followers and smashing his sub goals in the process.

Maybe, just maybe, he’ll continue to grow and actually maintain an audience. That would be a perfect end to this story.