Twitch stars Tfue and xQc get long overdue revenge on pesky stream sniper

. 3 years ago

Popular Twitch streamers Félix ‘ Fortnite Battle Royale streamers routinely get their fair share of stream snipers who pester them from match to match. While there are ways of preventing people from intentionally invading a game, some stream snipers prove to be persistent in their resolve.

During his April 19 stream, xQc had been followed by a stream sniper dressed in the Peely outfit. While the streamer was beat by the sniper in other occasions, xQc got the better of him when duoing with Tfue, leading to a long overdue revenge elimination.

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Fortnite stream snipers have been making the game harder for Twitch broadcasters for a long time.

xQc indulged in his revenge

xQc was duoing with Tfue and after looting up Retail Row they noticed a familiar player as they were approaching a nearby structure, saying: “It’s the Banana, dude.”

The two streamers took the 2v1 fight to quickly overwhelm the stream sniper leading to a momentous occasion for xQc.

After downing the Banana-sniper, xQc took his time eliminating the player, opting to hack and slash his downed body until he was out of the match.

A revenge story longtime in the making

While going about his adventures in Fortnite, xQc has been having a tough time coming out with wins in the competitive battle royale.

For those wondering why the two decided to relish their small victory over the stream sniper, look no further than xQc’s hilarious meltdown caused by an elimination from the hands of the stalking Banana.

In the clip, the Banana sniper wasn’t worried about concealing his blatant stream sniping ways, as he mocked xQc by emoting atop his dead body.

To prove that the player was stream sniping, xQc even requested specific emotes to see if the player was tuned into his channel, to which the Banana happily obliged.

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Hopefully the small victory over his stream sniper will lead to bigger wins down the road for xQc. But in the meantime it looked like the former Overwatch pro was happy just to finally get revenge on the annoying player.

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