Twitch partner banned after sexually harassing fellow streamer

. 3 years ago

Apex Legends streamer RemyLeBaeTV exposed Twitch partner ‘antpigtv’, who she claims sexually harassed her during one of her livestreams, resulting in antipig’s channel being banned.

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As the most popular livestreaming platform, Twitch are often quick to crack down on any activity that violates their terms of service with harsh consequences.

Twitch streamer ‘AntPigTV’ has had their channel taken down from the website, after it emerged that they had sexually harassed fellow streamer, RemyLeBaeTV in her chat, while she was broadcasting Apex Legends.

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RemyLeBae / twitter
Screenshots of AntPigTV harassing RemyLeBae during her livestream.

Remy called for the Twitch partner to be banned after sharing screenshots on Twitter of ‘AntPigTV’ asking her when she was “going to strip”, as well as criticizing her content before being banned by one of her moderators.

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Reflecting on the situation, RemyLaBae said that she doesn’t understand where the insults came from, and explained that she was shocked to see how disrespectful the partnered streamer was, giving justification for demanding that AntPigTv be banned from the platform.

“I honestly don’t understand where people come from and I’ve explained it to my community that if a partnered streamer like him was coming into my chat and acting the way he did. You know if he was a viewer I would’ve banned and moved on, I would not even think twice, but when it’s a partnered streamer it was an utter disrespect.”

Although Twitch has been under fire for making mistakes when it comes to handing down punishments and banning streamers in the past, largely due to what some argue is inconsistent treatment, it seems that they have got this one right.

Twitch had to rescind a ban on Team Liquid streamer TFBlade after he was wrongfully accused of a using a racial slur – he was in fact misheard when simply calling enemy players “idiots”.

AntPigTV’s Twitch channel has already been removed from Twitch after the incident, with many suspecting the account was permanently banned. Twitch does not comment on Terms of Service violations.

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