True Geordie Roasts Jake and Logan Paul During Press Conference for KSI YouTube Boxing Match

Calum Patterson
YouTube/True Geordie

YouTuber ‘The True Geordie’, who commentated the last YouTube boxing fight between KSI and Joe Weller, has reacted to the recent press conference featuring KSI, Logan and Jake Paul and ComedyShortsGamer.

The press conference was the first official meeting of the four YouTubers who are set to bout in August, in what will likely be the most YouTube related live event in history.

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After all four fighters eventually made it onto the stage, tensions flared and a brawl briefly broke out before security stepped in to restrain.

The stream of the conference, which had surpassed 500,000 concurrent viewers at its peak (on the KSI stream alone), was then cut off sharply.

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The full VOD of the stream can be rewatched in full via KSI’s channel, and TrueGeordie, who knows KSI well from his first bout, has given his own view on what was a tumultuous event.

He was particularly critical of the Paul brothers, and typical TrueGeordie fashion, he didn’t hold back.

“What the f*** is Jake Paul’s hair? Seriously mate, if you’re hair is receding, deal with it like a man. […] What’s that suit? What is going on mate? I’m a bit of a suit connoisseur and that looks like a bag of shit.”

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As an Englishman, he unsurprisingly took KSI and ComedyGamer’s side of things in the trash talk debate, and when Logan Paul appeared on stage, he doubted his confidence.

“When they were in the nightclub the other night, where [KSI] was right up against Logan, and Logan said ‘every time I see you, and get less and less scared’ – so you’re admitting your scared.

When there is no cameras, or less cameras, you could tell he was a bit more intimidated. But now he feels like everyone would jump on there and stop anything from going too far, he’s acting a lot more confident.”

Finally, TrueGeordie explains that Logan was prompted to lay hands on KSI after he impersonated Logan’s infamous apology video following his Suicide Forest video, saying KSI definitely got under his skin.