Trisha Paytas slams David Dobrik’s apology video: “It’s cowardly”

Brad Norton
Trisha Paytas next to David Dobrik
Instagram: Trishapaytasbackup / Instagram: Daviddobrik

Within a day of David Dobrik posting an apology video in response to multiple controversies surrounding former Vlog Squad members, Trisha Paytas released her own follow-up, calling him “cowardly.”

Throughout much of 2021, Dobrik has come under fire for a number of heated controversies. From ex-collaborators detailing their experience as “traumatizing,” to others being accused of sexual assault, Dobrik has been at the center of it all.

The social media star finally broke his silence on March 16 with a two-minute YouTube video. Throughout his response, Dobrik explained how he’s “grown as a person” and no longer “agrees with some of the videos [he’s] posted.”

While he specified two key examples, apologizing to Seth Francois and distancing himself from Dominykas Zeglaitis, otherwise known as ‘Durte Dom,’ Paytas believes this video was far from apologetic.

“It’s cowardly,” she labeled it in a March 16 YouTube video of her own. In a 23 minute response, Paytas outlined much of her own experience with Dobrik while slamming his apology. “He’s missing the whole point,” she said.

Rather than taking accountability for his actions, Paytas argues Dobrik was looking to “shift all the blame. [He] didn’t even acknowledge what he did is wrong.”

“He did not apologize,” she continued in a series of posts on TikTok. “He said he distanced himself from Dom and other friends that made poor decisions. He gave a very brief apology to Seth without delving into what he did wrong.”

“Why do you have to deflect and try to put it on someone else? Less than a week ago, he was feeding Scott text to try and prove Seth was a liar. He’s not sorry, he’s just trying to save face.”

As a former member of the Vlog Squad, Paytas also explained how she experienced similar issues with Dobrik firsthand. “I didn’t give consent,” she said in reference to numerous clips that made it into various vlogs. “I don’t think he understands what consent is at all.”

Dobrik is yet to issue any further statements since his March 16 YouTube apology. We’ll provide any updates as further information comes to light.