Travel YouTuber Bald and Bankrupt reveals why he’s quitting in the near future

Connor Bennett
YouTuber Bald and Bankrupt at a market
YouTube: Daily Bald

Popular travel YouTuber Ben Rich, who goes by the name Bald and Bankrupt, has revealed that he’ll be bringing his channel to an end in around a year’s time and moving on to do something else.

The Bald and Bankrupt channel is one of the most unique travel channels on YouTube. Instead of jet setting around the world to bucket list, warm countries, he explores former Soviet states.

He’s traveled all over Eastern Europe, as well as Asia too, and even managed to bring a kitten back home from Cuba.

The YouTube channel has gotten so popular that it ranks Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg amongst its fan. However, the tours of historical sites, jaw-dropping architecture, and different cultures are coming to an end soon.

YouTube: Daily Bald
The Bald and Bankrupt channels show Ben exploring different countries.

In an upload to his second channel on April 4, Ben answered viewer questions on a range of different topics, revealing that many had asked him about his future plans on YouTube. However, he isn’t sticking around for much longer.

“Another question that was asked a lot was how much will I be on YouTube and what will I do afterwards? And the answer to that is hard to say, obviously. But basically, my plan is to finish off the post-Soviet countries and then go and do something else,” he said.

“Bald and Bankrupt will be over and this chapter of my life will be over and I’ll go and do something else creative. Probably, I’ll become a photographer or I’ll become a writer or something else, I don’t know. But probably, I’ve got another nine months, a year left, and then adios amigos.”

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It’s not like Ben would be leaving behind a small following either. He’s picked up over three million subscribers across both of his channels, and his second channel smashed 200k subs within its first two weeks. 

He’s even written a book about his travels in the past too, under a different name, so a follow up about his success could be another option for the future. But, we’ll just have to wait and see.