Tfue shows off his ridicously expensive toilet with insane features

Jacob Hale
Instagram: tfue / Unsplash: Jan Antonin Kolar

Twitch streamer Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has shown off his ridiculously expensive toilet, that even comes with a remote control to take advantage of all of its bizarre features.

With top streamers raking in absurd amounts of money, becoming millionaires off the back of their gaming talents, you see them start to enjoy the finer things in life, with big houses, fast cars and expensive clothes.

Tfue, though, has already had all of the above and more, so what else do you buy when you’ve got everything you need?

Well, a luxury smart toilet is, of course, the next logical step, complete with everything you could ask a toilet to do.

Tfue with dog on Instagram
Instagram: tfue
Tfue is clearly finding the optimal ways to spend his money.

On October 7, Tfue simply tweeted saying that he “spent $2000 on a toilet and it was the best decision of [his] life.”

Obviously, this raised a lot of questions from fans, who wondered what could possibly make a toilet worth $2000 and, to Tfue’s credit, he managed to justify it with a video reveal.

As you can see, his toilet comes with a remote control to get everything you need done. After the motion detection opens the lid for you, you can use the various buttons available to flush the toilet, heat the seat, use the dryer, turn on the bidet and more.

Tfue describes his new throne as “cracked” and he’s completely right. It literally looks like everything you could want from a toilet, including some nice mood lighting in the actual bowl that really makes it look next-level.

While we’re talking about luxury toilets, though, it’s impossible not to mention that of Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, who got himself a water jet stream toilet for $10,000 back in February 2019 and, if we were paying that much for a toilet, we would probably never want to get off it.