Sway House accused of scamming artist for work he did for them

Daniel Cleary
Sway House members posing for photo
SwayLA, Instagram

Los Angeles-based artist Brooks Kossover claimed that he was scammed by the Sway House after being hired to paint a mural of Bryce Hall and Josh Richards for the popular TikTok group, in one of their prank videos.

After receiving some backlash for hosting and attending parties during lockdown, the Sway House members have come under more fire after they were accused of scamming an artist, Brooks Kossover.

The artist, who was hired to paint a “joke mural” of Bryce Hall and Josh Richards as part of their YouTube prank war, revealed that the Sway House had not delivered their share of the deal until he was forced to call them out.

During the latest episode of The Leo & Danny Show, on September 22, where Brooks was featured as the guest, he explained that he had only done the mural for free, in exchange for a shoutout on social media.

sway house members posing
SwayLA, Instagram
The Sway House are under fire after hiring an artist for a “joke mural.”

“I do this, they give me a YouTube shoutout, a story shoutout and put all my links, I’m not getting any money for this.” he explained, “I’ll do the first one as a freebie and maybe it’d be good to bring a different demographic and audience to me.”

The popular influencers have a massive fan base with tens of millions of followers across all their pages, but Kossover claimed that they did not shout him out when the vlog was first released.

“The next day the vlog comes out, not only did they not put my link in the description at all but there was no story posted, and they used my painting as the thumbnail,” he claimed.

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“I told the management if he doesn’t post the story within 24 hours, I could literally go to small claims,” Kossover added, explaining his concerns over being scammed by the group.

However, after calling out the Sway House members, they eventually included his links and promoted him for the mural after the video had already been uploaded.

Brooks explained that they had even removed his painting from the thumbnail after their back and forth but he claimed it was “not worth it at all” with the delay.