Summit1G Viewers Clip Hilarious Moments from His Stream After Suspecting He Was High

Mike Kent

The clip page for Summit1G’s Twitch channel was filled with hilarious videos on July 17 after his viewers suspected he might be high.

The world’s fifth most popular Twitch streamer has been accused in the past of playing while under the influence of weed, including a time in June when his CS:GO teammates asked him not to go smoke a bowl before a match.

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Despite the consumption of weed being legal in Colorado, Summit hasn’t openly come out and said he does it. He has alluded to it on a number of occasions, including in 2017 when he Tweeted he had ‘cottonmouth’, which is a common side effect of smoking it.

On the evening of Tuesday June 17 his clip page on Twitch was filled up by fans capturing with videos of him appearing to be very stoned.

The titles included “I’ve never seen him this stoned before”, “Summit420” and “Summit’s Baked Bridge Reaction”.

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The hilarious clips feature the popular personality making car noises, looking extremely pleased with himself after narrowly missing a bridge, and forgetting what he’s saying while in the middle of a story.

We’ve compiled some of the funniest clips below.

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