Soulja Boy calls Jake Paul a bitch and says the boxing fight is “happening”

Connor Bennett
Jake Paul/YouTube screenshot

Controversial yet popular YouTuber Jake Paul and hit rapper Soulja Boy have been beefing on social media since the start of the new year and now it looks like their series of online threats about getting into a boxing ring may finally be headed down a serious path.

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The pair have traded verbal blows back and forth on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube before Paul made it known on February 6 that he is “serious” about fighting Soulja Boy – but that he doesn’t believe the rapper has the cash to make it happen because he hasn’t contacted Paul’s manager to make it happen. 

Now, the ‘Crank That’ rapper has revealed that he too is pretty serious about making the fight happen and will stake a whole lot to make it happen sometime soon. 

Will Paul jump back in the ring to fight the rapper?
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Speaking to TMZ Sports, the rapper said: “Jake Paul can’t beat me in no fight, you know that. Come on man, you know that. It’s really going to happen though. Yeah, it’s for real.”

“I know I’m gonna handle him – he ain’t got no hands. He just thinks he’s gonna win because he got a weight advantage.” However, when quizzed about seeing Paul in action, Soulja said: “I ain’t seen him fight.”

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The rapper delivered one final verbal jab when told that the controversial YouTuber star had offered to put $20 million to make the fight happen.

“I’ll put the whole record label up in advance – let’s go. Jake Paul, you a bitch,” he stated, before being whisked away in a car. 

It remains to be seen if the beefing pair will finally strap on a pair of gloves each and step into a ring but it looks like things may just be hotting up.