Russian CS:GO Player Drinks Beer While Playing with His Feet

A CS:GO player has found a new way to casually dominate the competition, without having to use his hands.

The new style left his hands were free for far more important matters like drinking and putting on sunglasses.

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DimitryKKomrade decided to use his feet instead of his hands while streaming a match of CS:GO. He set up two cameras to capture all the action.

While hiding in a corner, an opponent finally crossed his sights and DimitrykKomrade walked forward with his P90.

It is a good thing his opponent was facing the wrong way, because the mouse movements were not entirely accurate.

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DimitryKKomrade finally eliminated the opponent after some more slow walking and P90 spray, racking up the kills in what appear to be Christmas themed reindeer socks.

A victory drink was in order, along with some sunglasses to prove just how EZ it was.

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The clip made its way to reddit, where DimitryKKomrade himself spotted it and commented on the attention it received.

“Hey. Its Dimitry. Right now im filled with nothing but happiness and i’d like to thank you all, because you showed me that ( this might be cringy, but anything you talk about with passion probably sounds cringy to outsiders) i can be entertaining and be funny while doing crazy shit in csgo or playing ds3 in todays stream and getting frustrated while blasting gachi. That is quite a lot for an asocial like me. A small, irrelevant thing for one person can be a dream coming true for other. So again. Thank. You..”