PewDiePie embarrassed after fans vote him off “undercover” reality show after first round

Brent Koepp
YouTuber PewDiePie stunned
YouTube: Jubilee / PewDiePie

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg may the biggest individual content creator on YouTube, but not even he could trick his own fans. The 31-year-old was stunned when viewers voted him out during a Jubilee Odd Man Out contest called 6 Bros vs 1 Secret PewDiePie. 

Subscribers of PewDiePie know that the Swede is obsessed with YouTube channel Jubilee. After reacting to their content for the past year, the 31-year-old finally got to collaborate with their popular Odd Man Out reality show on May 21.

The star was left stunned when he found himself being voted out of the contest within the first round. Kjellberg was hilariously unable to trick his own army of bros who quickly sniffed out who the online entertainer was pretending to be.

YouTuber PewDiePie plays Odd Man Out with fans
YouTube: Jubilee / PewDiePie
The popular YouTuber played a reality show contest with his fans.

PewDiePie loses 6 Bros vs 1 Secret PewDiePie contest

In Jubilee’s Odd Man Out, seven contestants have a conversation in chat but can not see each other. The group then has to decide who the imposter is among them. For the May 21 episode, PewDiePie was invited on where he had to blend in as one of his “fans.”

Pewds made his first major mistake when he admitted he was from London. When one fan admitted that the YouTuber’s videos helped him get over a breakup in 2017, Kjellberg wrote “so cool” before immediately realizing how obvious his response was. “OH NO! WHY DID I WRITE THIS!” The six fans quickly picked up on his answers as the round ended.

“It’s so weird being a Jubileee video, they always seemed like they had so much time. It went by like that,” the 31-year-old replied. The six fans then proceeded to vote him out. “Nooooooo!” PewDiePie screamed while rolling back in his chair. “Maybe picking London was too obvious. S**t. I should have gone like Los Angeles or something. Well done bros, well done!”

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Despite losing, the YouTube star took it in stride, laughing it off. He was also stunned by how good his fans were at playing the game when one player knew which mobile device brand he uses. “These guys are playing 4D chess over here! I didn’t even know you can see if you have an iPhone [in the contest]!”

Fans of the entertainer were floored by the experience. “I was trying not to get emotional this whole time. He is my favorite YouTuber and he has inspired me so much,” Kassidy said after winning. “He is humble. That is one of PewDiePie’s most shining qualities,” Tyler exclaimed.

While he was shocked to get voted out first, Pewds seemed genuinely proud of his fans. And to be fair, given that he has over 110 million subscribers in 2021, it would be hard to not get noticed. The content creator ended the show by challenging Mr Beast to do the contest next. Only time will tell if he accepts.