Noah Beck blasts YouTubers vs TikTokers security after being “kicked out” of event

Virginia Glaze
YouTube: Noah Beck

TikTok star Noah Beck was a little disgruntled with the security and organization of the Battle of the Platforms this past weekend, claiming he was escorted away from ringside even though he had the right credentials.

The YouTubers vs TikTokers event last weekend drew a ton of eyes to the ever-growing trend of influencer boxing. Pitting fourteen of the platforms’ biggest content creators against each other, the night saw a clear winner in Team YouTube.

Despite all the hype surrounding the fights, not everyone was impressed with the Battle of the Platforms’ organization. In fact, one attendee compared the evening to the infamous ‘Fyre Festival’ music festival in a now-viral TikTok.

He isn’t alone in his thinking; Noah Beck, a TikToker and overall influencer powerhouse, sat down with his fans for an eighteen-minute-long story about his decidedly negative experience at the event.

Noah claimed that merely getting inside the Hard Rock Stadium was a major task, with security finding difficulty in directing him toward the correct parking lot (and out of the way of excited fans).

Once inside, Noah was able to enjoy a few of the fights from a suite up top — but when it came time for the main event, Beck wanted to be ringside to cheer on his roommate and fellow Sway House content creator.

Unfortunately, Beck and his crew were denied entrance to the lower floor, despite his badge that marked him as part of Bryce Hall’s team. Eventually, they were swarmed with fans, and Beck found himself beside Bradley Martyn and Jeff Wittek in some fairly good seats (although they still weren’t ringside).

Bryce Hall Austin McBroom YouTube vs TikTok
YouTube: The Daily Stardust
YouTube star Austin McBroom and TikToker Bryce Hall fought on the final card of the night – but Noah Beck, Hall’s roommate and friend, didn’t get to watch.

It wasn’t long before several security guards showed up and told the trio that they couldn’t stand there, leaving a frustrated Noah Beck attempting to explain himself and, yet again, try to find a way ringside — all as Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom were throwing down.

In the end, Beck ended up being escorted out of the ground floor by eight police officers, all while a mob of fans surrounded them. Beck didn’t even get to watch the rest of the fight, which happened while he was being pulled away.

Although he didn’t get to see his friend fight, Beck was gracious about the entire ordeal and apologized both to and for his fans who crowded the area.

“I didn’t mean for it to get like that,” he claimed, a tad sheepishly. “I wanted to just be there for him.”