NickEH30 Reveals Why He Won’t Play Fortnite with Rapper Lilyachty

Mike Kent

The collaboration aspect of duos or squad games in a battle royale game has been one of the reasons the genre has become so successful.

While your average player will be teaming up with their regular friends, this has resulted in high profile personalities playing with each other for that double exposure.

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On any given day you can head over to YouTube or Twitch and find huge names teaming up on titles such as Fortnite and PUBG.

Perhaps the most high profile example was when Ninja teamed up with Drake and broke the record (at the time) for the most concurrent viewers on an individual stream on Twitch.

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It doesn’t always work out however, as rapper Lilyachty found out when he Tweeted at popular YouTuber, NickEh30.

In the now-deleted Tweet, Lilyachty said he’d like to play with the popular personality, but he didn’t receive the answer he wanted.

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Nick explained that because he doesn’t allowing cursing on his stream to make it family friendly, he wouldn’t be able to have the rapper associated with FaZe Clan on his broadcast.

Lilyachty did reply, but his Tweet was eventually deleted.