Multiple High Profile Streamers Including Daequan and KittyPlays Receive Temporary Bans on Twitch [UPDATED]

Mike Kent

UPDATE: TSM pro player Daequan’s Twitch suspension was reversed so that he could play in Friday Fortnite – Read More

YouTuber KEEMSTAR has been attempting to get other banned streamers reinstated on Twitch.

The Twitch community sat back in shock on Friday June 22nd after learning that a number of high profile streamers received 24-hour bans.

Amazon’s streaming platform has had rules in place for streamers using music without permission, with the VoD’s usually muted for the period of time that it violated the rule. That looks to have now changed.

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A number of high profile streamers logged on to their accounts on Friday  June 22nd to find they had been banned via DMCA (digital millennium copyright act) takedown.

KittyPlays came third in the Fortnite Pro-Am tournament and has a sizable audience who watch her play a variety of different games.

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Kitty Tweeted out on Friday, June 22nd a notice that advised her account had received a 24-hour ban. It’s believed that other people to receive bans including TSM’s Daequan and Avery.

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Kitty went on to explain her thoughts on the situation, including expressing her surprise but that ultimately the artists have rights to their content.

There were others who were less impressed however, with Daequan’s teammate, Hamlinz, Tweeting out he was triggered by the situation.

The full list of channels that have received bans is currently unclear.