MrBeast gives away $100k prize just for a game of tag

Georgina Smith
MrBeast standing in front of a pile of money
YouTube: MrBeast

YouTube MrBeast has given away $100k to the lucky winner of an insane game of tag, set in an abandoned hospital.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is one of YouTube’s most popular creators, with almost 60 million subscribers on his main channel alone — and that’s not including his gaming and charity channels.

He’s best known for splashing the cash on friends, fans, and even strangers by setting them challenges.

The YouTube sensation isn’t afraid to up the stakes of an already exciting video with the promise of a huge prize, and that’s exactly what he did for his latest video.

mystery box mrbeast
Instagram: mrbeast
MrBeast’s videos are known for offering huge prizes.

Jimmy set his friends and other creators, including Karl Jacobs and Minecraft YouTuber Sapnap, the challenge of playing a huge game of tag in an abandoned hospital. The building had over 100 rooms and six different buildings surrounding it, making for an even more exciting game.

The last person to be tagged by MrBeast would be considered the winner, so when the game began, the players took off at insane speeds down the abandoned hallways so they could get as far away from him as possible.

Some fled to the room, others hid in tight spots, while some stayed constantly on the move.

While it was near-impossible to grab everyone, one by one Jimmy picked off each player with the help of Chris, looking exhausted by all the chasing.

Jimmy came incredibly close to spotting Sapnap who was hiding under some stairs, but at the last minute, he walked away, meaning that the YouTuber got to remain in the game.

Although he came close to losing, it was eventually Sapnap who was crowned the winner of the extreme game of tag, meaning he won the crazy $100k prize. He even called fellow Minecraft YouTuber Dream at the end of the video to let him know he’d won, and he seemed baffled by the news.

But in true MrBeast spirit, Jimmy ended up giving everyone who participated in the game $5000 each, meaning they didn’t have to leave empty-handed.

The large-scale game of tag was a tense one, and viewers are now interested to see what interesting locations the YouTuber will pick for his future videos.