Mizkif clowns Alinity for her infamous cat throwing incident in joint Twitch stream

. 1 year ago
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Twitter, @REALMizkif / Twitch, Alinity

Alinity was at the center of one of Twitch’s most controversial issues when she was accused of abuse for throwing her cat in 2019. Seemingly reformed and distanced from the scandal, the streamer still got roasted by Mizkif for it during a joint stream.

Alinity’s Twitch career is as rocky as they come, with big bans and big wins galore. One of her most infamous moments was the July 2019 incident where she tossed her cat over her shoulder and was immediately accused of animal abuse.

But the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction, with the Twitch streamer now calling for others’ bans over inappropriate content and saving her inappropriate content for other platforms.

Still, during a joint Twitch stream with Mizkif, the topic of feline maintenance came up. Mizkif immediately took the opportunity to test Alinity and see if she had learned from her past mistakes.

As you can see in the clip, Alinity was explaining how to safely reposition a cat and Mizkif tried to slyly test if she would actually throw the big kitty. But she would not fall for the trickery and refused, noting that she was “scared that he might fall.”

And that was that — a test successfully passed. Mizkif quickly jumped out of his seat and began a round of applause: “You’ve learned your lesson after all these years, Alinity! Congratulations, you passed the test!”

alinity hot tub stream twitch
Alinity, Twitch
Drama-free, moisturized, and thriving — Alinity has been back on top recently.

This year has been somewhat of a redemption arc for Alinity after years of scandals and bans, and she seems unwilling to give that up. Despite Mizkif’s Loki-esque work of mischief to trick her into repeating earlier misdeeds, Alinity’s cat has not gone airborne.

At this point, fans are probably happy that the two can joke about the earlier drama. The cat seems healthy, the streamers seem happy, and, perhaps more importantly, tests have been passed.

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