Mizkif claims coming back to Twitch will be “scary” after breakup with Maya

Dylan Horetski
YouTube, Mizkif

Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo claimed in a recent video that it will be “scary” returning to Twitch after announcing his recent breakup with fellow streamer Maya Higa. 

Maya and Mizkif were together for just over two years, but they unexpectedly announced on Twitter they were splitting up.

The duo originally kept their relationship a secret from their Twitch fans, but accidentally confirmed their rumored romance in the middle of an unboxing stream in late 2019.

With their announcement, the pair both mentioned that they were taking a break from content creation to make sure they were both properly taken care of and happy with the result of the separation. On September 23, Matthew uploaded a video with an update regarding the two.

Mizkif and Maya Higa out travelling as Twitch couple.

Mizkif’s “scary” come back to Twitch

Rinaudo started off his September 23 video with a quick recap. He said: “A lots happened this past week, and it’s been crazy. Maya and I are not exactly the happiest right now, but we’ll get through it.”

The OTK founder went on to explain that there’s been a lot to take care of after the split, to make sure both parties are happy.

“It’s going to be a scary thing for me and Maya to continue moving forward because she was my rock with Twitch,” he continued, explaining that whenever someone would think of him, they would normally think of her there with him and it feels weird not having her there anymore.

Rinaudo went on to explain that the decision was talked about for a while before they decided to make it official, while also doubling down on the fact that there was no cheating, no drama – and it was mutual.

The creator explained that he expected a lot of hate with his announcement, but was met with a large amount of support for both of them. Mizkif also claims he needs it a little longer, too, as it has been a stressful period.

He said: “I miss you guys a lot, I really do, and I will hopefully see you soon,” right before ending the video and putting extra emphasis on ‘hopefully’.

Rinaudo has also opened up his comments on the video for any questions people may have, and stated he will answer them in an upcoming, more detailed, video that will be uploaded to his YouTube channel.

The OTK founder will not return until both parties are settled and happy. However long it takes, it’s certain his community will show up to support him for his comeback stream.