Mizkif bets Pokimane $50,000 for Jump King wager: “She’s not beating it!”

. 10 months ago

Twitch streamer Mizkif is putting his money on the line again, as he bet Pokimane $50k that she can’t complete the newest Jump King level by the end of the year. 

In August, we once again saw Jump King at the top of Twitch with the release of its newest level, Babe of Ascension. Some of the biggest creators on Twitch flocked to the game, in a race to reach the top first, all for bragging rights.

One streamer who isn’t particularly good at the game is streaming superstar Pokimane, who’s previously struggled immensely in her climb to the top. On the other hand, Mizkif considers himself the literal ‘Jump King’ and wanted to make things interesting.

Known for his outrageous bets – the majority of which he ends up losing – Mizkif bet Pokimane $50,000 that she wouldn’t complete Jump King by the end of the year.

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Jump King took Twitch by storm at the end of 2019, but once again resurfaced with a new level.

Pokimane doesn’t exactly have a good track record at Jump King, something Mizkif wanted to capitalize on. Confident that she wouldn’t complete Jump King, Mizkif originally bet 1000 gifted subs that she wouldn’t complete the level – and gave her as long as she wants to complete it.

A week had passed since the first bet, and Mizkif was feeling extra confident, with Pokimane struggling to even get past 10% level completion. So, he decided to up the stakes, offering Pokimane 10,000 gifted subs if she beats the level before the end of a year, which will set him back roughly $50,000.

“Pokimane tried to play Jump King. I told her I’d give her 1000 subs, I’ll bump it up to 10,000 subs if she can beat it. She’s not beating it,” said Mizkif. Valkyrae responded, “Wait, 10,000? You’re crazy.”

Mizkif didn’t back down though, continuing, “If she can beat that game I’ll give her 10,000 subs, no cheating, I’ll give her 10,000 subs, it’s just not going to happen. She was 7% and screaming at the top of her lungs. I have zero faith in her, there’s no way. Go ahead, clip it. I’ll give her 10,000 subs if she beats it by the end of the year.”

However, it seems most viewers believe he’s destined to lose the bet, and subsequently the $50k.

With over four months to complete the level, Pokimane has plenty of time to prove him wrong and win the bet, but Mizkif is as confident as ever.

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