Macaiyla quits Housewives Twitch podcast after drama over hot tub streamers

Luke Edwards
Macaiyla and Malena on Housewives Twitch podcast
Instagram: Macaiyla / Twitch: Maya

Twitch streamer Macaiyla has quit the Real Housewives of Twitch podcast, citing a busy schedule, just a week after a heated argument with co-host Malena Tudi over the ‘hot tub meta’.

The new “hot tub meta” on Twitch has sparked quite a debate. While Twitch rules guard against streamers wearing exposing clothing, they do allow “contextual exceptions,” such as swimwear at the beach, swimming pool or hot tub.

It’s caused controversy across Twitch, with some viewers outraged at streamers seemingly taking advantage of the loophole. It’s even reached a stage where streamers like Jakenbake have created parody versions of hot tub streams.

As such, the debate caused quite a stir on episode 11 of the Real Housewives of Twitch podcast. While Macaiyla supported female streamers who were taking advantage of the hot tub meta, Malena was against the practice, and the tension soon boiled over.

Macaiyla quits Real Housewives of Twitch

On episode 12, QTCinderella explained that Macaiyla had left the show as she was now “too busy” to juggle podcasting responsibilities and streaming.

“She is so busy,” QTCinderella explained. “She has school, and she is trying to do her own stream right now, so she doesn’t have time for the podcast as well as managing having a life outside of streaming.

“Macaiyla is no longer interested in being on the podcast as a reoccurring [member]. I hope she’ll come up back sometime, maybe with enough convincing.”

Co-host Maya Higa explained the situation further after the podcast, and implied that fans’ disbelief that Mavaiyla was too busy to podcast was justified.

“She did say that she was busy when we invited her for the third time today,” Maya explained. “You guys are all PepeLaughing and capping, and you get it and I think we do as well.

“But it doesn’t really matter. The bottom line is that she’s not interested in coming on anymore.

“We all love Macaiyla, she literally does have an open invite from every single one of us. She’s a fantastic addition to the podcast, she super funny, she’s super outspoken and she’s super entertaining and I’m happy that she’s streaming again.”

Macaiyla’s absence from the podcast has been well-publicized, and it remains to be seen whether she will take up her former co-panelists’ offers and make a grand return.