Logan Paul predicts Jake will knockout Tyron Woodley in the first round

Georgina Smith
Logan and Jake Paul next to each other
Instagram: jakepaul

Jake Paul’s brother, Logan Paul, has predicted Jake will win his upcoming boxing bout with Tyron Woodley by knocking him out in the first round in what would be a stunning upset.

In the past year, influencer-turned-boxer Jake Paul has been putting a huge amount of effort into his fighting career, facing off against people like Ben Askren and Nate Robinson at hugely anticipated events.

Jake is now currently in the middle of preparing for his fight against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley which will be happening on August 29.

With not long to go before the fight, many are trying to predict who might come out on top out of the pair, and Jake’s older brother Logan, who has also been working on his boxing career, is the latest to give his verdict.

Promotional image for Paul vs Woodley fight
Jake Paul faces off with Tyron Woodley on August 29

In an episode of Showtime’s ‘All Access’ Logan revealed how he thinks this fight is going to go, suggesting it could be an easy night for his brother yet again.

“I think he’s gonna knock out Tyron Woodley in round one,” he said, “like round one fight, Jake Paul to the moon.”

After a moment, Jake responded: “I think so too.”

Logan also took a moment to reflect on how far the two brothers have come. “Every day I look back at what we’ve been able to accomplish and I lead with gratitude,” he said. “Being two kids from Ohio who didn’t have this, you know, didn’t have the world essentially in the palm of our hands and able to do what we want with it. Like, it’s a very blessed life.”

The comment section is filled with people talking about how excited they are to see the fight, with many saying they have respect for both fighters for seriously training for the bout.

With not long to go until the big day, fans are eager to find out whether Logan’s bold prediction will be correct, and with Jake revealing a ‘hit list’ of people he wants to fight, it looks like there’ll be plenty more to come from the creator regardless of the outcome on August 29.