KSI vs Logan Paul Press Conference Cut Short After the Paul Brothers Storm off Stage

Calum Patterson

The UK press conference ahead of the KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match came to an abrupt end after both Paul brothers left the stage without warning.

In similar fashion to the first press conference held in Los Angeles, things didn’t exactly go to plan and the event was cut short. Although thankfully it didn’t come to blows this time around.

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Hosted by YouTuber True Geordie, the UK conference was meant to be KSI and his brother Deji’s chance to have the crowd on their side, after a one-sided audience in Los Angeles almost booed them off.

But the crowd were forced to wait considerable time before they could cheer for anyone at all, and even started throwing objects on stage, which prompted True Geordie to threaten to close the event if it continued.

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Eventually, at the second time of announcing, the fighters appeared on stage, with KSI taking to the mic first, and was ruthless in his insults towards Logan.

First claiming that Logan had been cut from his part in ‘Baywatch’, then even calling out his family and in particular his dad, Greg Paul, whom KSI called a “creep”.

Perhaps the final straw for Logan was KSI mentioning Chloe Bennett, long time girlfriend of Logan and whose relationship had only been made public days before.

Logan stood, said he was only there to answer questions and since that wasn’t happening, he would see them on August 25th (the day of the fight).

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The event pretty much ended there, without any questions or real ‘press’ activities having taken place.

Outside the venue and after the walkout from his sons, Greg Paul, joined by Shannon Briggs, looked shaken and refused to answer questions from the media.

Judging by the success of both press conferences, it is unlikely a third one will be planned, so the next time we see the fighters face to face will be the in the ring on August 25th.

KSI had only two short words to say after Logan stormed out of the conference.

The full conference will be uploaded to the YouTubers respective channels, as it was not live streamed like the previous one in Los Angeles.