KSI Explains Why The Boxing Match vs Logan Paul Will be Pay-Per-View on YouTube

Calum Patterson

YouTuber KSI has addressed the decision to make his fight against Logan Paul a pay-per-view event, after fans were unhappy with the move.

KSI posted the official link to the boxing match stream, which will go down on August 25, but the link required payment of $8 (£6) to access, sparking controversy.

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It was unexpected as the first YouTube boxing match, which KSI also participated in vs Joe Weller, was free to watch on the website and attracted millions of live viewers.

In an attempt to justify the decision, KSI has taken to Twitter to explain to fans that the costs of running the event are much higher than last time, and that it “all adds up”.

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He also claims that the pay-per-view fee is considerably lower than most other events, and will all contribute the ensuring the event is the best possible experience and there is no “cutting corners”.

Finally he confirmed that it is not just the main event that is pay-per-view, as his brother Deji’s fight vs Jake Paul, plus “other ppv fights” will be included in the $8 fee.

Additionally, there is ‘build-up’ content which he says will be free to watch, however it is unclear what exactly this content will entail.

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Tickets to attend the fight in Manchester in person are also on sale, and while there are some very affordable prices, the VIP tickets will set you back over £500 ($650), but includes behind the scenes access.

The other concern, which KSI has not addressed, is the likelihood of unofficial streams of the fight being hosted on other streaming platforms. Those unwilling to pay the PPV fee may choose to watch these instead, in turn hurting the overall viewership on main streams.