Jschlatt uses Twitch text-to-speech donation to pay his rent to Mizkif

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Mizkif Jschlatt Twitch
Twitch: Mizkif/YouTube: Jschlatt

YouTuber Jschlatt decided to pay his rent to Mizkif in the middle of a Twitch stream using a text-to-speech donation. This caused a bit of confusion for Mizkif as he thought he would lose some of the money in fees.

Over the past few years, Mizkif has become one of the most recognizable faces on Twitch and developed a dedicated audience who tune in for every single one of his streams, as well as starting the OTK org.

Despite his popularity on the platform, Mizkif doesn’t just rely on his audience and subscribers for income. The online personality also owns property that he rents out to fellow content creators.

One of which is the YouTuber Jschlatt, who decided to pay Mizkif in a slightly unconventional manner on June 21. Realizing his rent was due, Jschlatt sent the money via a massive Twitch donation, surprising Mizkif while he was live.

Jschlatt YouTube
YouTube: Jschlatt
Jschlatt has over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

Jschlatt pays Mizkif rent with Twitch donation

During his June 21 stream, Mizkif was interacting with his chat and reacting to various videos when he received a $4,500 donation from Jschlatt. Although it caught him off-guard at first, it didn’t take Mizkif long to realize that the YouTuber had sent him the money to pay for his rent.

This caused a bit of confusion for Mizkif, who explained that because had sent the money via a Twitch donation, he would be hit with a 10% fee.

“Schlatt just gave me $4500 for rent, Schlatt you realize I lose 10% of what you just gave me… Schlatt had to get his name on screen for five seconds, now I have to pay, Streamlabs and StreamElements get 10% of that.”

Luckily, it appears as if Mizkif was wrong about StreamElements taking a fee. Shortly after this happened, the clip was posted to the LivestreamFail subreddit where the official StreamElements Reddit account replied to the thread.

They simply revealed that they do not take any money from tips, but there may PayPal transaction fees for Mizkif to pay.

So, although paying rent via a Twitch donation isn’t advised, it’s at least not as expensive as Mizkif first thought.

Unfortunately for Mizkif, now Jschlatt knows there are no fees involved, he might start sending a $4,500 Twitch donation every month.

There may be a few PayPal transaction fees, but Jschlatt may deem it worth it just for the content.

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