IRL Streamer Involved in Car Accident Because He’s Too Busy Talking to the Camera

Calum Patterson

In yet another incident of streaming while driving going predictably wrong, an IRL streamer seemed distracted by talking to his viewers in chat rather than paying attention to the road.

Police forces have continually been warning of the dangers of streaming while driving, after the number of in incidents has shot up as streaming in general becomes more popular.

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Believed to be driving somewhere in California, a state known for congested traffic in busy areas, the streamer is waiting at a red light as he talks to his chat about general things.

When he thinks the light changes for him to go, he accelerates all while still talking to his chat and glancing down at his camera placed on the passenger seat beside him.

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However, as he is distracted he fails to notice that in fact it was not his turn to move at the junction, and coming from where he believed traffic had stopped at a red light, a vehicle blasts its horn before smashing into the side of the streamer’s car.

His camera and mic fortunately remains intact, meaning viewers could continue to hear the exchange as he immediately apologized to the other driver, explaining he believed it was a red light.

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Thankfully, it appears from what is visible in the video and the discussion in the background, that no one was seriously injured in the collision.

It is a wake up call for the streamer, and hopefully serves as yet another reminder that streaming while driving is incredibly dangerous, no matter how casual it may seem

A past incident we reported in led to the streamer being hospitalized with serious injuries, after unwittingly driving out in front of a massive rig truck.