IRL Streamer Arrested and Given $75,000 Bail After Fake Bomb Donation Alert Caused College Shutdown

Mike Kent

The freedom of a relatively unknown Twitch streamer hangs in the balance after a donation alert landed him in police custody.

The world of IRL streaming (in real life) continues to break boundaries and test the waters of what is considered acceptable in modern day society.

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The decision to stream out in public on sites such as YouTube and Twitch is rapidly becoming one of the most watched parts of the streaming world, making household names of the likes of ICE_POSEIDON, GreekGod, Andy Milonakis and AnyThingForViews to name just a few.

Popular IRL streamers often find themselves in precarious situations and are usually subject to some kind of abuse by their viewers, whether it be one calling the police to their location, or even turning up to ‘stream snipe’ in person.

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One up and coming streamer has learned the hard way that you shouldn’t trust your audience, after allowing his viewers to play any kind of noise through his speakers while in public for a small donation fee.

Jammal Harraz was inside a room full of people when a donator played the noise of a bomb ticking down, resulting in everyone fleeing in fear.

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This unintentional prank appeared to cause severe mayhem within the building, and Harraz fled the scene until he was arrested by local police where he was charged with threatening to bomb or injure property.

Appearing in court on Friday, June 1st, the IRL streamer had his bail set at $75,000 and will remain in custody.

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Despite not physically setting the alert himself, the charge counts as a class B felony.

“It shall not be a defense to any prosecution under this section that the threatened bombing or injury was a hoax.”

If found guilty the streamer could face up to ten years in prison.