How to listen to Lele Pons’ new Best Kept Secrets podcast

Alice Hearing
Lele Pons best kept secrets podcast
Maarten de Boers for Spotify

Popular YouTuber and internet sensation Lele Pons is launching a brand new podcast, and she wants her viewers to spill all their juicy gossip about their personal lives.

Lele Pons is a Latina YouTuber and actress from Venezuela who rose to fame posting sketches on YouTube and Vine. Since then she has released music, starred in films and music videos. She has more than 41 million Instagram followers and more than 16 million subscribers on YouTube.

More recently Lele produced and starred in a short documentary about her struggles with OCD and Tourettes called “The Secret Life of Lele Pons.”

Since Lele knows what it’s like to keep something from friends and family, the influencer feels as though she can offer an understanding ear to some of her fans.

Lele Pons on Instagram
Instagram: Lele Pons
Lele has more than 41 million Instagram followers

“I want you guys to have a place where you can talk about anything and vent, and I’m here to listen to you, chat to you and help if I can,” she said.

Pons’ new podcast Best Kept Secrets will take two anonymous callers per episode and discuss listeners’ “Dirty, sexy, weird, kinky” secrets. “Nothing is off-limits”, says Lele. And it definitely looks like people have come through with some fascinating stories.

In the trailer, Lele says the secrets are “more than you can handle.”

How to Listen:

Best Kept Secrets’ first episode will air on August 19 exclusively on Spotify and it will be a weekly series coming out every Wednesday.

You can also be a guest on Lele’s podcast by submitting your deepest secret via an online form here.