Hasan defends Mizkif amid 4Conner Twitch controversy

. 1 year ago
hasanabi and mizkif
Twitch: HasanAbi/Mizkif

Twitch streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker has stepped in to defend Mizkif, amid controversy over the racism allegations against 4Conner.

The incident involving Twitch streamer 4Conner is just the latest controversy the world of Twitch drama. On February 20, 4Conner had chat logs of past conversations leaked, which exposed racist, sexist, homophobic and transphobic comments.

In the fallout since, 4Conner announced he was quitting Twitch for the foreseeable future, and issued an apology for his actions. Mizkif, who had collaborated with 4Conner in the past, announced he had banned the disgraced streamer from his house.

On Hasan’s stream, one viewer accused Mizkif of being “just like” 4Conner. “He’s just better at hiding it,” they said.

Image of 4Conner from apology video
Twitch: 4Conner
4Conner issued an apology after offensive messages he sent were leaked.

Hasan backs Mizkif

The comment prompted an impassioned response from Hasan, who said in his experience Mizkif had never behaved improperly.

“So here’s the thing,” he said. “I don’t know his background, I don’t know what he did in the past but from all the interactions I have had with Mizkif, and I talk to him from time to time, he is not like this at all.

“I don’t know if people are trying to latch on and make extra drama out of it. He might have been a total s***head back in the day.

“But from what I have seen, either as a consequence of his success with Twitch or because he truly grew up a little bit and started to get better. He doesn’t seem like this at all.”

Mizkif has previously drawn criticism for his actions due to his association with controversial streamer Ice Poseidon, and was suspended from Twitch in 2019 for ‘inappropriate’ comments at an event. But he has only been banned once since then: for accidentally showing nudity on stream.

Hasan also condemned the comments made by 4Conner in the Discord channel.

“I love edgy humor,” he said. “But this is the most bottom of the barrel dogs***. You’re just going for shock value by saying super racist s*** with the hopes that people around you are going to respond.

“All you’re going to do is attract really horrible people who aren’t funny either.”

Whether Twitch will take official action on 4Conner is still unclear. Twitch’s policies do leave room for them to take action against streamers for their words and actions outside of the platform itself, and other streamers have faced punishment for comments made on other social medias.

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