Good Week, Bad Week: Amouranth & Indiefoxx unbanned, Logan Paul accused of breaking travel laws

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Amouranth and Logan Paul in Good Week, Bad Week template
Credits: Twitter: Amouranth / YouTube: imPaulsive

The new ASMR meta on Twitch has certainly managed to shake up social media, spelling both good news and bad news for some creators — but Twitch isn’t the only place that’s seen drama this past week.

Amouranth and Indiefoxx have been at the center of the conversation this week on both Twitch and Twitter, with just about everyone putting in their two cents on what they think of the latest meta to get popular on the platform.

Elsewhere, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio have announced yet another huge project, but other influencers like Logan Paul have found themselves in hot water.

Good Week: Amouranth gets Twitch ban lifted amid ASMR drama

Twitch’s current ‘ASMR + leggings’ drama is currently taking over discussions about the platform across social media.

Following the viral ‘hot tub meta’ from just a month prior, this new trend seems to be for ‘Just Chatting’ streamers to wear skin-tight leggings and pose themselves in compromising positions in front of the camera, all while licking ear-shaped ASMR microphones.

Understandably, this new trend has sparked outrage across the platform, with several high-profile broadcasters speaking out against the new ‘meta.’

Amouranth ASMR Meta Twitch
Twitch / Amouranth
While Twitch has taken action against some creators for their ASMR content, many believe it’s too little, too late.

Seemingly in response to the outrage, Twitch banned two of the trend’s biggest streamers, Amouranth and Indiefoxx. After three days, Amouranth’s ban was lifted — but not before she received a huge spike in subscriptions to her Only Fans as a result of her widely-discussed Twitch suspension.

While Amouranth herself seemed to take the situation lightly, still others express concern over broadcasters “taking advantage” of new trends to push boundaries on Twitch.

Bad Week: Logan Paul accused of breaking UK travel laws

Although YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI might be historic rivals, it seems that a collaboration between the two boxers could be in the works, as Paul was recently spotted hanging out in London, UK.

However, all speculation of said collab went by the wayside after critics began noticing that Paul might be breaking UK travel regulations after being caught about the city with his friends.

Logan Paul Travel Laws KSI Collab
Instagram: Logan Paul
Logan went to the UK to collab with KSI

According to the UK’s current regulations, travelers are required to quarantine for 10 days. Paul purportedly arrived in the country four days before a video showing the influencer roaming about London went viral across social media.

This sparked a slew of outrage across the net. So far, both Paul and KSI have yet to comment on the situation, so whether or not Logan actually did break the rules or is creating a video with his arch-nemesis still remains to be seen.

Bad Week: Social Gloves accused of not paying fighters

The June 12 YouTubers vs. TikTokers event had social media alight as they watched some of the biggest influencers from each platform step into the ring.

With creators like Bryce Hall expecting a huge payout from the fight, many tuned in in some shape or form to see how these influencers would perform.

However, weeks after the event, Josh Richards and Vinnie Hacker claimed that the fighters and other staff had not been paid their full amount.

Poster for Battle of the Platforms
Instagram: livexlive
The event became widely talked about on social media.

This was followed by reports that the event sold only 136,000 PPV tickets compared to the projected 500,000. If true, this would mean a massive loss of profits.

Organizers Social Gloves claim they are “working tirelessly” to ensure all fighters and staff are paid within a reasonable time frame, but many on social media are skeptical that they’ll be able to fulfill their promise.

Social Gloves Instagram Story
Instagram: Social Gloves Entertainment
Social Gloves released a statement on their Instagram stories in wake of claims levied by Josh Richards and Vinnie Hacker.

And with some people, including Tana Mongeau, alleging that Austin McBroom actually owns part of Social Gloves, it looks like this drama is only going to get more complicated.

Good Week: Charli & Dixie D’Amelio announce cartoon show

The ultra-successful TikTok sisters Charli and Dixie D’Amelio have launched a range of cool projects in their time on the platform, including a podcast, a clothing range, and even mattresses.

Now, they’ve taken things up a notch by announcing they’ll be releasing a cartoon.

The girls are teaming up with entertainment company Invisible Universe to co-develop the series which will be called, ‘Squeaky and Roy.’

Charli Dixie D'Amelio Cartoon
Instagram: @dixiedamelio / squeakyandroy
The show will be called ‘Squeaky and Roy.’

“When we met Invisible Universe, we loved their vision for creating cartoon characters on social media that can later end up across other media like film and TV,” the sisters told Variety.

Fans are of course excited to see what the show could have in store, and it marks yet another industry that the two stars have launched projects in since they got their start on TikTok.

Bad Week: CallMeCarson under fire for social media return

YouTuber CallMeCarson went radio silent on the internet in January 2020 when he was accused of grooming underage fans, and since then he has only returned a couple of times, albeit ‘unofficially.’

He messaged Ludwig during his subathon to get him to turn off a video he featured in that was autoplaying, and he came back a second time in May after he ‘accidentally’ posted a political article on Twitter. Many believe he was testing the waters for his return.

Then on June 19, Carson made a return to social media, with a message that simply read: “Give me a little bit longer.”

CallMeCarson on a stream
YT: CallMeCarson
The reception to his tweet was decidedly mixed.

The YouTuber received a huge amount of backlash for his return, with many saying he should have stayed away from the internet for longer. Some pointed out the fact that even some of Carson’s online friends distanced themselves from him.

There are some fans who actually want the creator to come back, however. Some said they “can’t wait” for his return to posting content, and others said that those still “mad” at him need to “grow the f**k up and get over it.”

With such a largely negative response, it’s not clear when exactly he will come back to social media completely, but it looks like backlash may continue no matter how long he waits.

With new projects and opportunities in the line of sight for creators like Amouranth and the D’Amelio sisters, fans will be keeping a close eye out on what these influencers have in store next.

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