Gotaga unbanned from Twitch early after fans rally behind him

Brad Norton
Instagram: Gotaga

Popular streamer and former Call of Duty professional Corentin ‘Gotaga’ Houssein was banned from Twitch on June 21, but has been unbanned in under 10 hours.

Despite boasting one of the biggest accounts on Twitch, one of France’s most recognizable content creators was suspended from the platform for unknown reasons.

Gotaga was handed his ban on June 21, with many suspecting it came as a result of DMCA strikes.

This marks Gotaga’s only offense on the Amazon-owned platform, having never received a suspension or ban prior.

However, early on June 22, his account was reinstated, having been suspended for just over nine hours.

Gotaga responded: “THANKS FOR THE #FREEGOTAGA. Without you, not sure that I would have been unbanned so quickly. Will go live tonight to talk about it.”

Closing in on three million followers, Gotaga’s Twitch presence was among the biggest in his region. Known now for his variety content on the platform, often streaming a wide range of titles like Rocket League and Minecraft, Gotaga was previously a respected Call of Duty pro.

The 27-year-old competed for roughly five years. Half of this time was spent under the Team Vitality banners while traveling to international LAN events. 

The ‘French Monster’ ultimately hung up the sticks after the Black Ops 3 cycle in 2016. However, Gotaga has continued to dip his toes in the CoD scene ever since. Appearances in minor regional events and Twitch Rivals broadcasts have kept him active in the local CoD community.

As to why he was banned on Twitch, many of his viewers and even fellow streamers have pointed towards a likely DMCA strike. This ban comes just days after warning that record label takedowns would continue to skyrocket.