FaZe Kay explains why he had to break up with ex-girlfriend Alexa

Virginia Glaze
FaZe Kay explains breakup with Alexa Adams
YouTube: FaZe Kay / Instagram: @alexaadams3

FaZe Clan is currently undergoing a huge change, with several of its members being forced out of the FaZe house to find other accommodations — a fact that has caused FaZe Kay to split up with his girlfriend.

Frazier Kay, a longtime content creator for the popular esports and entertainment group, revealed in an emotional YouTube video that FaZe Clan’s recent reshuffling is sparking some major changes in his life.

In wake of FaZe Banks and Mike Majlak’s ‘Clout Gang 2.0’ project, those living in the current FaZe House are being urged to find another place to live (although the reason for this has yet to be revealed) — and FaZe Kay isn’t exactly sure what’s in the cards for his future.

The British content creator explained that he may have to move back across the pond for the foreseeable future, noting that he hasn’t seen his family in over a year due to the current health crisis and focusing on his career.

FaZe Kay tinder date video
YouTube: FaZe Kay
FaZe Kay and Alexa Adams first met during a video shoot for a YouTube video, where Kay’s buddies attempted to set him up with a date – a plan that actually worked out!

With this in mind, he noted that his relationship with girlfriend Alexa Adams — who he met during a video shoot for FaZe Clan — might suffer, as their love life would go from a local one to a long-distance ordeal.

“Alexa and I both have our own separate lives,” he explained. “She has everything in California. It’s where she’s lived for a long time. So me not knowing the direction of my life for quite some time now — I don’t know geographically in the world where I’m going to be, and that’s not fair for Alexa.”

As such, he decided to end things, feeling that it would be best for both of them in the long run. However, he wasn’t exactly sure how to go about it, and asked several members of the House for advice.

Ultimately, though, it came down to Kay, himself, who gave Alexa an emotional phone call to cut things off. While many of the FaZe Clan members loved Alexa and appreciated her relationship with Kay, it looks like a future just isn’t in the cards for this couple as Kay and his teammates work out their next moves.