Drew Gooden roasts “terrible” TikTok reality show hosted by Alex Warren

Alice Hearing
Drew Gooden and Alex Warren
YouTube: Drew Gooden/ AwesomenessTV

YouTuber Drew Gooden has savagely roasted a YouTube reality show about TikTokers called Next Influencer and the results are hilarious. 

TikTokers are getting their own reality television shows left, right and center. The D’Amelio family will soon appear in their own show on Hulu later this year, and the Hype House even has a show coming to Netflix.

But back in January, a reality show based on TikTokers has perhaps given a disturbing taste of what is to come and commentary YouTuber Drew Gooden certainly has some strong opinions on the series.

It’s called Next Influencer, produced by AwesomenessTV which is also the company behind movies such as To All the Boys I Loved Before. Hosted by the Hype House’s Alex Warren, the show places ten TikTok creators into a house in Florida for ten days to complete challenges, and rank each other.

The group of creators is called Project 305, they’re all from Miami and are tasked with proving they have the creativity and personalities to have what it takes to become “the next big influencer.” The clientele includes a 19-year-old who eats nine tiny packets of sugar for breakfast, and, contrastingly, a student called Raul who wants to become a dentist.

Throughout, the contestants have to complete challenges which include throwing water balloons at each other, trivia, and TikTok duets, and the prize for each round? Getting advice from Alex Warren himself.

Drew responds: “Is that going to be the prize every time? Not like a special dinner or an immunity idol, they just get to go ask David Dobrik Jr. one question,” before mockingly adding, “Thank you internet Sherpa, for you have shown me the way.”

Drew continued to mock the frequent screaming and arguments, the fact that one guy wrote and allegedly produced a whole song about a girl after three days, and the strange decisions from the production company.

He described the group of creators as “adult toddlers,” and “the physical embodiment of ‘if I just talk louder, that means I’m right.'” In reaction to the challenges, Drew sarcastically quipped: “I tell you, what a privilege it is for us to witness firsthand the nation’s best and brightest in action.”

Drew concluded: “I was relieved while reading the comments that most people were also hate-watching this. I don’t think anyone was like, ‘Man, this is some quality shit right here.'” Although, ultimately he admitted it was a bit of an addictive watch.

Let’s just hope that The D’Amelio Show and the Hype House series will be less painful to watch.