Dr DisRespect Teases That He Could Start Streaming on YouTube

Calum Patterson

Dr DisRespect dropped a small hint during a recent live stream that he could be streaming on YouTube in the future, despite being the self-proclaimed ‘face of Twitch’.

Amazon-owned platform Twitch is the undisputed home of video game streaming, but YouTube has been making big moves in that area recently and has attracted some big names to stream live on YouTube instead.

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Dr DisRespect himself was initially a YouTuber only, posting gaming videos about Call of Duty, Halo, and various rants and skits.

But he moved away from YouTube and social media generally for a few years, before returning and restarting the Dr DisRespect character, streaming battle royale games on Twitch.

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YouTube has recently taken steps to replicate the tools and user interface of Twitch though, and the Doc may just be tempted to stream live on the site.

When explaining why his Twitch username has ‘LIVE’ at the end, he dropped a small hint which sounds like he is considering streaming on YouTube also.

“You go to YouTube and it’s just ‘Dr DisRespect’ because I’m not live on YouTube – well, maybe not yet. Maybe not yet. But that’s a strategic business move.

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Most streamers either broadcast exclusively on Twitch or on YouTube, rarely both. However, given the Doc’s significant following on Twitch, it is unthinkable that he would abandon the platform entirely.

Perhaps then he is considering streaming on both platforms at the same time, which has been done in the past by other streamers but with limited success.

But because Dr DisRespect is a partnered channel on Twitch, there are limitations on streaming on other platforms as part of the Twitch partner agreement.

Additionally, streaming with two live chats can be difficult for streamers to monitor both, which is why most will stick to one dedicated platform.