Dr Disrespect 'never playing Fortnite again' due to "pathetic" game mechanics

. 3 years ago

Popular Twitch star Fortnite, after falling early in KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite tournament.

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Fortnite Battle Royale is known for its unusual array of in-game mechanics, namely building, which can be quite difficult for many players to master, as well as the controversial ‘weapon bloom’.

Dr Disrespect realized just how challenging it can be to put the mechanics to use in the popular battle royale game after dropping out of the Friday Fortnite tournament in the first round of the loser’s bracket.

Dr Disrespect is not happy with the popular battle royale game.
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In classic Doc fashion, he refused to take any of the blame himself for the loss and instead pointed towards some of the in-game mechanics as the reason he and his duo, 100 Thieves’ Arkhram, fell short.

He later reflected on his loss from the comfort of “his Lamborghini,” explaining to his fans why he was ‘done with Fortnite.’

“Can you believe that game? Never playing it again, not interested, phoney baloney!” The Doc expressed, “It’s for the fake and the phoney. I’m not about it, I’m about being real.”

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The Doc then began to list his issues with the mechanics, focusing mainly on weapon bloom and the current meta of building ‘1×1’ boxes to stay safe: “Weapon bloom, shoot a guy once he hides in little 1×1 immediately.”

He went on to explain that the game encouraged ‘pathetic behaviour’, such as easily hiding away from a fight compared to the Doc’s more preferred head-on approach – after all, his motto is “Violence, Speed, Momentum.”

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Dr Disrespect’s frustration with the current state of the game is often echoed by many pro players, who are also unhappy with some of the recent changes to the meta – only a couple weeks out from the World Cup.

Although many of his points resonates true with his viewers, it’s not the first time that Dr Disrespect has ‘quit Fortnite’, and many expect him to return to it at some point in the future.

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