Dr DisRespect Loses His Mind Over Emotes Mocking Him – Twitch Bans All the Emotes

Calum Patterson

One of the top live streamers on Twitch, Dr DisRespect, has found himself the target of mockery on the site, as ’emotes’ were made to poke fun at his recent public infidelity.

Dr DisRespect, real name Guy Beahm, rose to popularity on Twitch over the past two years, playing a macho character and typically found streaming battle royale games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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His popularity on the site garnered him many fans, but of course similarly many trolls and haters, as is to be expected.

So when he made cheating on his wife a public thing, in hopes of being transparent and keeping has fans up to date, it of course became ammunition for the trolls.

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In recent days, a certain channel emote from another popular streamer, Forsen, became somewhat of a meme to mock Dr DisRespect, and the Doc was not a fan.

Other channels, it is believe around 29 in total, also made similar emotes, mocking “transparency”. The Doc finally tweeted to hit out at the trolls.

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Then, later that day while live on stream, he completely lost it and mocked the trolls back, and the constant trolling had clearly bothered him.

Twitch itself has now intervened, as it is believed that all the emotes intended to mock Dr DisRespect have now been permanently removed from the site.

It is part of Twitch’s partner agreement that other streamers should not target or harass other Twitch partners, and it is likely that this is the ruling under which the emotes have been removed.