Dr DisRespect Has One Condition Before He’ll Face Lirik in a $1,000 Wager Match

Mike Kent

Two of the biggest streamers on Twitch are set to duke it out on Quake Champions in a $1,000 wager.

At E3, Quake developers announced that for a limited time, Champions would be free to download – but you can keep it forever.

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Lirik, a variety streamer with over two million followers on Twitch, tried his hand at the game on stream, but that didn’t impress Dr DisRespect in the slightest.

The Doc prides himself as the greatest video game player on the planet, and he made his feelings clear about what he thought of Lirik’s gameplay.

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“I was watching Lirik play Quake Champions…I feel like he has a lot to learn in the game, I really really do. Starting with his aim, starting with the whole movement system, starting with the fierce attitude of wanting to destroy your opponent and burying him into the ground.

I’ve been watching Lirik the last hour, his movement and everything, I’ll tell you right now, I’m not impressed. I just wanted to get that off my chest.”

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In a surprise turn of events, Lirik responded to the Doc’s comments and put down something of a hefty wager if he wanted to take him on, one on one.

“I’ll verse Doc, I mean the thing is you know, there’s a difference between talking and then actually committing. $1,000 I’d kick his ass in this game. I’ll put it down on the table.”

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So will the Doc be taking Lirik up on his offer? Yes, but with one condition. Upon hearing about the $1,000 wager, the Doc backtracked slightly and said he needed some time to practice.

“I’ll tell you right now, if he wants to make a big event out of it, go ahead and relay this message to him. If Lirik wants to make a big event out of this 1 v 1 conversation, I’m not going in on a game I’ve played ten hours on, knowing already that my skill is way above his.

But, I’m not going into a game where map knowledge is key, weapon knowledge, weapon management, powerups, all that stuff on timers. That becomes part of the situation, right?

So tell him this, if he wants to make a big event out of that 1 v 1 for a $1,000, give me a couple of weeks. Then I’ll absolutely melt him.”