Dixie D’Amelio dishes on “immature” relationship with ex-boyfriend Griffin Johnson

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Dixie D'Amelio dishes on Griffin Johnson breakup
YouTube: BFFs With Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards, Griffin Johnson

TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio broke up with ex-boyfriend Griffin Johnson last year — but after releasing her latest song, “Fuckboy,” she opened up a bit more on why their relationship didn’t exactly work out.

Dixie D’Amelio is one of many TikTokers who have made a successful foray into the music industry. Boasting collaborations with the likes of Wiz Khalifa and garnering millions of views per music video, Dixie has made quite a name for herself thanks to her original songs.

However, her latest track has some fans wondering if she wasn’t lashing out at her ex-boyfriend, Griffin Johnson, whom she claimed cheated on her (even boasting that she had “48 screenshots” to prove it).

“Fuckboy” raises an unapologetic middle finger to all the guys who broke Dixie’s heart in the past, so it comes as little surprise that listeners put two and two together — something that Barstool prez Dave Portnoy brought up in a recent episode of his BFFS Podcast with influencer Josh Richards.

When asked if there was any “bad blood” between herself and Griffin these days, Dixie said no, but claimed that their relationship had been “immature” at the time and that they never should have dated.

“I’m not friends with him, really, but there’s no bad blood,” she explained. “It was just a dumb, immature relationship. We shouldn’t have been dating in the first place. We were cooler as friends, and just — we were like, ‘Oh my god!’ He was just dumb and immature.”

As for where Johnson lies on the “fuckboy” scale, Dixie rated him a “5” — a “middle of the road” rating, according to Josh Richards.

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In regards to whether or not the song is actually about Griffin, Dixie claimed that she was offered to sing a series of songs already written by/for singer Olivia Rodrigo that she wasn’t going to use, and picked this one out of the mix.

Thus, it doesn’t look like the track was written with Griffin in mind, and Dixie stated that she made no changes to the lyrics — but that isn’t stopping fans from making up their own theories, anyway.

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