David Dobrik totally shocks Charli D’Amelio’s friend with Tesla after Dispo wheel spin

Virginia Glaze
Charli surprises friend with tesla
YouTube: Charli D'Amelio

YouTube star David Dobrik celebrated the launch of his new Dispo app with a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ style Tesla giveaway — but one contestant didn’t get a car, even though they’d technically won.

David Dobrik’s photo-taking app is now available for download on the Apple App Store after months of development and promotion by the internet celebrity.

To celebrate, Dobrik took a giant wheel around Los Angeles and challenged his friends to spin it for the chance of winning one of several Teslas — or just getting a dollar, with a certain amount donated to charity by David, himself.

Despite the unfavorable odds, all of Dobrik’s Teslas were eventually won by his contestants — all except one, who spun the wheel after each of the vehicles had been successfully nabbed.

Although fully aware that his chances of getting a Tesla were nil, even though he’d landed on the winning spot, Charli D’Amelio’s friend Markell delivered a hilarious and rousing speech as thanks for making a successful spin.

However, Charli felt that her friend deserved to win a Tesla for beating the game of chance, as he’d mentioned that he did not have a car at the time of playing, and contacted Dobrik to surprise him after the fact.

Of course, Dobrik isn’t one to surprise people in normal ways, and showed up to the D’Amelio family home to gift Markell some “merchandise” as an apology for his unexpected win.


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After their awkward exchange passed, Dobrik presented Markell with a Tesla key, causing the lucky winner to bolt across the room and scream out of excitement — making for one of the most explosive reactions Dobrik has ever seen in all his years of philanthropic gift-giving.

“I literally said I lost my dad, and Marc [D’Amelio] was like, ‘I’ll always be here for you, I’m a father figure for you,’” Markell said after his hype finally died down. “I just really appreciate that. Thank you so much for just being an amazing family, always encouraging me to follow my dreams, and just always being real.”

Charli’s latest video is enough to bring a tear to your eye, giving viewers a much-needed dose of wholesome content that makes us all wish we were her best friend.