David Dobrik explains why he’ll never fight in a YouTube boxing event

Georgina Smith
David Dobrik lies on some grass
Instagram: daviddobrik

After the success of the YouTubers vs. TikTokers boxing event, David Dobrik has revealed that he doesn’t intend on participating in future influencer fights.

To many people’s surprise, the Battle of the Platforms event that saw some of the biggest names on the internet step up to fight each other, turned out to be one to remember. With crazy KO moments and controversy all thrown in, it became a huge trending topic on social media.

Now fans and other creators are already looking for the next fight event to come along, and people are thinking about which unlikely influencers they would like to see step into the ring.

David Dobrik made his YouTube comeback on June 15, after taking a two-month break following backlash over different Vlog Squad controversies, as well as over Jeff Wittek’s excavator accident that almost killed him.

David Dobrik returns to YouTube
YouTube: David Dobrik
David returned to YouTube on June 15.

While he has over 20 million subscribers on YouTube, his return was met with a mixed response, some happy to see him back, and others saying he should have stayed away from the internet for longer.

Now in an interview with paparazzi, David has revealed why he doesn’t want to take part in any future influencer boxing events, even if he’s asked.

When asked if he would consider boxing, he responded: “No, I can’t box. I was thinking about it, I wish it was a different sport, I wish there was like tennis because I played tennis in high school, and if there was a YouTube vs. TikTok tennis that’d be a blast.”

Kevin Wong asked him who he would fight if he could fight one person, and although he struggled to think of a TikToker, he did joke “Jeff Wittek, I’ll see you in the ring.”

He also went on to say that he doesn’t think Austin McBroom contacted him to be a part of the initial YouTubers vs. TikTokers, but explained: “I don’t think anybody can reach out to me and make me do it. I’m such a little wimp, I’ll never be in the ring. Maybe I will, who knows.”

While David seems pretty set on not starting a boxing career, it looks like some would like to see him in a similar event to YouTubers vs. TikTokers.