Could LeafyIsHere be in a treatment home? KEEMSTAR teases upcoming interview

Virginia Glaze

Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem teased an upcoming interview with YouTube commentator LeafyIsHere, whose sudden inactivity in December 2017 went largely unexplained – until now.

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The trailer for the interview is edited in the style of a horror film (not unlike Shane Dawson’s recent docuseries over Jake Paul), and showcases a number of the well-documented allegations against Leafy, including his controversial feud with autistic YouTuber TommyNC2010.

The five-minute teaser also featured bits and pieces of heated conversation between KEEM and Leafy, specifically regarding the old drama between the two.

“You fucking lied about me in front of millions of people,” KEEMSTAR said of their YouTube beef back in 2016. “I had your back so many times. You literally backstabbed me.”

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Leafy also stated that he had been in a treatment home – although whether his comment was in jest or not has yet to be verified.

Their feud began when Leafy accused KEEMSTAR of being a ‘criminal,’ alleging that he’d released people’s private information and falsely accused individuals of being pedophiles. KEEMSTAR shot back by threatening to release Leafy’s DMs.

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Shane Dawson himself responded to the trailer, showing apparent distress when KEEMSTAR appeared to call off the interview altogether due to demanding fans.

“I canceled the Leafy Interview!” KEEMSTAR claimed. “‘Cause I said 100 times it would not be out until Wednesday and I keep getting tweets, ‘Where is the leafy interview?’”

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According to the trailer, YouTuber and rapper Billy the Fridge found Leafy’s contact information, which he shared with KEEMSTAR in order to set up a video call – a screenshot of which was shown in the video.

The full interview is set to drop on Thursday, October 25, at 12 PM PST.