Corpse Husband says fans wouldn’t believe the “weird” emails he gets

Connor Bennett
Corpse Husband interviewed by Anthony Padilla.
YouTube: AnthonyPadilla

YouTube star Corpse Husband revealed that he gets some rather weird emails and comments that fans don’t get to see as he continues to take over the internet. 

Even though he’s been plugging away with YouTube content since 2015, Corpse Husband exploded in popularity thanks to the rise of Among Us.

The faceless YouTuber, who is instantly recognizable thanks to her deep voice and unique avatar, has ascended to being one of the popular creators around, and his legion of fans follow him in whatever he does. He’s even managed to hit ridiculous listener figures on Spotify for his songs. 

Though, when you build up such a large and loyal fanbase, there are usually some who take things too far and drop some rather questionable comments, and Corpse seems to experience that on a pretty regular basis. 

Corpse Husband Among US
YouTube: Corpse Husband
Corpse Husband is a hugely popular presence on YouTube, best known for his horror story narrations, original music, and, of course, his Among Us plays.

During his April 16 stream, the YouTube star was asked if he “liked anybody” by one fan, seemingly in a romantic sense. He was slightly taken aback by it. 

“What do you mean do I like somebody?” he responded. “Sometimes I read things and it’s just… I don’t know.” He expanded on that though, dishing on some of the weird comments he gets through emails.

“If y’all saw my email, you’d lose your s**t,” Corpse continued. “Some of the things people say to me is just so f**king weird.”

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Streamers dealing with fans overstepping their boundaries is nothing that’s too new, and given the size of Corpse’s fanbase, it’s not too shocking that he deals with some bizarre fandom.

Some creators have even exposed some of the craziest messages they’ve received, and it might be something for Corpse to follow as well. 

If the messages are as crazy and weird as he’s teasing, it could be another viral moment for him to add to his collection.