Controversial Streamer xQc Swatted Mid-Broadcast in California Apartment

Mike Kent

Former professional Overwatch player Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel found himself in handcuffs on Wednesday May 16th, after police raided his home.

The controversial Canadian personality was released from the Dallas Fuel Overwatch League team in March following a series of incidents that led to a league ban.

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After being released from Dallas Fuel, he has turned his attentions full time to streaming, but that has not kept him out of the headlines.

During a late night stream in his California apartment on May 16th, xQc took his headphones off and you can hear police in the other room shouting at him to put his hands up.

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Footage shows him walking out of the room and he is asked whether there is anyone else is in there.

xQc later revealed that they had three guns pointed at him.

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Following the incident there was some confusion around why it happened, as the immediate assumption was that someone had called the police to his address as a prank, commonly known as Swatting.

Overwatch League analyst Brennan Hook contacted Felix  and Tweeted that it was actually down to a noise complaint.

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This was then denied by xQc when he called up another streamer, AimBotCalvin, and said that it definitely wasn’t a noise complaint.

Calvin: Hello, are you ok?

xQc: I think I just got swatted.

Calvin: Was it swatted or noise complaint? Because you’re in an apartment, dude.

xQc: No, it was SWAT, 100%. It wasn’t a noise complaint.

Calvin: Oh yikes dude, is everything alright?

xQc: Yeah, they had three guns at me, what the fuck?

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At the end of the conversation you can hear xQc explaining that he’ll be sleeping elsewhere that night, but it’s unclear if he’ll end up leaving the apartment for good.

The act of hoax-calling police to pretend a hostile situation is happening is unfortunately a rather common one, with a lot of high profile internet celebrities facing a similar situation to xQc.