CodeMiko roasts Ninja’s Twitch streaming career with hilarious jab

. 1 year ago
CodeMiko roasts Ninja Twitch career
Twitch: Ninja, CodeMiko

While playing Fortnite with Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, CodeMiko took a hilarious and subtle jab at his streaming career, leaving him utterly lost for words.

CodeMiko has become one of the most popular VTubers on the internet, and definitely on Twitch. You’ll most often find her in the Just Chatting section of the platform, but occasionally she’ll drop into some casual games too.

Ninja, meanwhile, needs no introduction. He’s one of the biggest creators to ever exist on Twitch and achieved international fame with Fortnite.

What he probably didn’t expect, though, is how perfectly that success would set him up to be roasted by CodeMiko in the future.

Miko has become a huge VTuber.

The pair were playing Fortnite together on June 17 alongside fellow streamer Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan when Miko saw her opportunity and took it, with perfect comedic timing.

While traversing the Fortnite island, Ninja decided to show Miko one of the new emotes, showing off his Raven emote from popular cartoon show Teen Titans. He seemed delighted with it at first — but that quickly died.

“It’s a cartoon,” Ninja confirmed to her, after she clearly had no idea what Teen Titans or Raven were. “Teen Titans, before they made it super kid-friendly and awful.”

Not missing a beat, Miko simply responded with “like you,” a joke met with dead silence from a dumbfounded Ninja.

Sypher struggles to contain his laughter after the exchange, while Miko fights through the hysterics to ask “Hey, Ninja, are you good?”

Needless to say, Ninja took it all on the chin eventually, but the joke came out of left field and definitely hit a little harder than she would’ve anticipated.

When you’re streaming with Miko though, that’s just something you’ve got to expect.

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